Curriculum Development ...

Khozama consultants have a lifetime of experience of designing and launching new academic programs - in many subject areas - and understand the needs and constraints of the MENA region. 

Khozama worked with a large university in the GCC to develop masters-level and PhD-level programs in computer science.

Proper design ...

Introducing a new academic program requires more than designing a structure and some courses. It requires a careful needs analysis, proper resource planning, attention to local regulatory structures and to accreditation. 

Khozama consultants have many years of experience of curriculum development and, perhaps as important, of accreditation standards that apply in most countries of the GCC. 

The MENA region is noteworthy for its increasing adoption of outcomes-based education. This imposes its own design constraints and challenges for the introduction of new academic programs.

Khozama can offer:

  • Independent or collaborative work, with colleagues, on curriculum design

  • Workshops on outcomes-based curriculum design

  • Resource planning, budgeting and time-phased planning