Institutional Diagnosis

Sometimes an organisation or part of an organisation becomes dysfunctional - and it is often quite hard to locate the source of the problem. It might involve resource issues - human, financial, physical, ... It might arise from faulty policies, procedures, or regulatory structures - or some combination of these. 

Khozama worked with an university college in the MENA region that had three aspects to its core business. The three key areas were educationresearch, and training - and all were performing well below expectations.

Over a period of a week a full institutional picture was developed through in-depth interviews and discussions. This was followed by a one-day workshop with institutional leaders and resulted in a recovery strategy for later implementation.

Working together ...

Working together ...

Khozama can offer:

  • In depth performance review of one or more key functions or units

  • Workshops and facilitated discussions

  • Institutional diagnosis reporting 

  • Recovery planning