Workshop on Internationalization in Higher Education

Building academic, professional and leadership capacity. 

This worship covers all aspects of internationalization in the context of a higher education institution. We look at internationalization's potential responses to globalisation's challenges. Using case studies throughout, we develop and use tools to manage the complexity of the types and ranges of options for internationalization that are on offer. These tools are then deployed along with more standard approaches to strategic planning to explore various international agendas. The approach can be adapted for a mixed audience from several institutions, or a group of key staff from within a single institution. 

Most recently, Khozama co-directed the first Internationalisation of Arab Universities workshop with the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education UK. The key areas covered on this occasion were Globalisation, Internationalization, Partnerships, Strategic Planning though Case Studies. 30 participants from 10 countries in the MENA region gathered for this 3-day event. 

The Workshop took place at the Head Quarters of the Association of Arab Universities in Amman, Jordan and was supported by TEMPUS and the British Council.

Khozama can offer a range of workshops or facilitated discussions on a wide variety of areas.

Typical Workshop Agenda 

Day One
Session 1 - Welcome and Introductions
Session 2 - Globalization
Session 3 - Case Studies 1
Session 4 - International Partnerships

Day Two
Session 5 - Review of Day One
Session 6 - Strategic Integration
Session 7 - Developing an International Strategy
Session 8 - Group Work and Feedback

Day Three
Session 9 - Review of Day Two
Session 10 - Case Studies 2
Session 11 - Internationalization, Leadership and Risk
Session 12 - Review, Evaluation and Next Steps