Partnership with Intrublend

Khozama is pleased to announce its partnership with exciting new education and academic services company Intrublend - based in the UAE.  

Intrublend Consultancy is an education and academic service provider offering a range of comprehensive services and consultations in Dubai and the UAE. Individual students, educational institutions and organisations can benefit from the range of services available.

The partnership would be interested in developing packages of training and providing academic services, across the entire MENA region.

Khozama and Intrublend will work together to bring a range of services to as broad an audience of students, educators and institutions as possible.

Intrublend is dedicated to providing academic literacy skills, academic writing, academic reading, developing and delivering effective presentations, listening and note-taking, critical thinking, writing research proposals, writing research papers, minute taking and writing, effective emailing, teacher training, professional development, mentoring and coaching, development of e-learing resources/solutions, development of e-assessment materials, development of blended learning strategies and frameworks, development of diagnostic tests/audits for higher education students, development of an e-mentoring framework, use and application of plagiarism-detection software.

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