Leadership Development in 
Higher Education

Building tomorrow's higher education leaders. 

This three-day workshop aims to develop the key skills necessary to operate effectively as a leader in higher education institutions of the 21st Century and offers practical advice and techniques to help academic leaders steer the strategic direction of their respective institutions of learning with confidence, in order to achieve desired goals and objectives, and to fulfill the mission.

The major issues now facing institutions of higher education require leadership skills that reach a higher level than ever before, reflecting the unprecedented changes that universities are and will be facing in the future. This workshop will take an in depth look at leadership styles and approaches, offer participants tools for reflection and self-evaluation, and means by which leadership skills can be developed and improved. We will focus on transformational leadership, which is now recognized as the most effective approach in higher education, and the focus of leadership training in higher education, internationally.

We cover leadership at the macro level, developing long-term vision and strategy, using foresight and horizon-scanning techniques, and allowing space for a major emphasis on the essential dynamics currently at play, including: universities as open systems, the role of stakeholders, the impact of new technologies in education, internationalisation, and competition. We also consider leadership at the micro level, developing talent, leading teams, and becoming a key influencer through improved communication.

The program is designed to align leadership with a wide range of features in building an innovative and high-quality institution – taking leadership skills to a new level.

The most recent workshop took place at the Novotel Deira City Centre in Dubai between the 12th and 13th May 2014 and was part of the workshop program offered by CLICKS, the Center for Learning Innovations and Customized Knowledge Solutions.

Typical Agenda

Day One
Session 1 - Introductions and the Leadership Landscape
Session 2 - Our Strengths and Weaknesses
Session 3 - 
Leadership Styles I
Session 4 - Leadership Styles II

Day Two
Session 5 - Leadership and Vision
Session 6 - Leading for the Future I
Session 7 - Leading for the Future II
Session 8 - Leadership in Higher Education 

Day Three
Session 9 - Leading Teams and Talent Management
Session 10 - The Leader as Influencer
Session 11 - Assessment, Reflections and Next Steps

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