Apply for a MBA at Montreux University - MSB Montreux School of Business


  • You have already earned a bachelor's degree and would like further education to prepare for a career in today's global marketplace

  • You have at least three years of work experience

  • You realise that business is complex and that to be successful, you need to master business competencies and human behaviour

  • You understand the value of learning about current business topics from professors who bring their real-world practical experience into the classroom

Master of Business Administration

12-Month Program + 6-Month internship and thesis 60 US credits, 90 ECTS or 180 UK credits

MSB Master of Business Administration

The MSB Master of Business Administration, in taking a holistic approach to business and management development, is a rigorous program of organizational functional areas that include marketing, operations, finance and human resources, while being international in focus. In response to the needs of today’s integrated world, MSB has designed an MBA program that enables you to develop a multi-dimensional business perspective that is essential for the globalized business environment.

Students in the MBA:

  • Learn with an experienced and global cohort
  • Take modules that integrate managerial economics, organisational behaviour, strategic management, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • undertake skills development activities: career communication, management and job search training
  • undertake a thesis with experienced supervisors

Holistic Approach
Practitioner Perspective
Unique Location

The MSB MBA program seeks to:

  • Provide a detailed and highly integrated study of business and management as concerns mainly markets, customers, finance, people, operations, IT, business policy and strategy;
  • Expose students to the dilemmatic and challenging interconnections between the functional areas of management;
  • Offer a framework for reflection and learning from prior experience so as to integrate new knowledge with past experience and apply it to new situations;
  • Train students in analyzing, synthesizing and solving complex unstructured business problems by providing evaluated alternative solutions;
  •  Develop cognitive, intellectual, personal and transferable skills that include critical thought, creativity, numeracy, team working, self-awareness, leadership, performance management, ethical and cultural sensitivity.


  • Introduction to Financial Analysis
  • Financial Strategy for Sustainability
  • HR Management and Leadership
  • Understanding Organizations
  • Developing Strategy
  • Accounting for New Ventures
  • Economic Decision Making
  • Globalization
  • Change Management
  • International Management
  • International Sales and Marketing
  • Negotiation and Consultancy Skills
  • Managing Operations and Supply Chains
  • Innovation Management

 Master of Business Administration Fees

You can apply at any time - but the deadline for the Spring Semester (January 2015) is November 10th 2014. 

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