CLICKS Workshop on Quality

Another interesting group of professionals involved in quality assurance and enhancement. These workshops are an opportunity to get beneath the simple surface of the topic and to really explore the topic in a meaningful way.

A three-day workshop, taking an in-depth look at workable approaches to quality, based on real-world experience and examples.

Partnership with Research Podcasts

Delighted to announce our partnership with Research Podcasts - a UK-based company that provides podcasting and consultancy services to the Higher Education and Third Sectors. Research Podcasts has a team of former BBC broadcasters, media trainers and communications professionals who have extensive experience of working with higher education institutions, academics, charities and think-tanks to communicate complex ideas in an accessible way.

The partnership would be interested in providing podcasting and communications services, across the entire MENA region. Read more about Research Podcasts here:

Partnership with Intrublend

Really happy to have come to an agreement with Radhika Iyer O'Sullivan over a partnership with her exciting new education and academic services company Intrublend. The company is based in the UAE and concentrating mainly on serving that market. We hope to be able to offer services more widely through the partnership. Take a look at the partner page - there is a (long!) list of excellent services on offer!