Outcomes-based education ...

Most countries in the MENA region are embracing the outcomes-based approach to education wholeheartedly. This is been driven by ministries of higher education and their higher-education commissions. 


Institutions have faced some difficulty in adapting to this approach and getting buy-in from faculty members. Khozama consultants have years of experience working with universities in the region and with most of the ministries of higher education and their commissions. They have experience of designing academic courses and programs within the outcome-based paradigm.

In the last few years Khozama has delivered keynote presentations in Saudi Arabia, the Baltic States and elsewhere on key aspects of outcomes-based education. Consultants have great experience in working across the Bologna area with outcomes-based approaches, including TUNING.

Khozama can offer:

  • Workshops and facilitated discussions

  • Train the trainers 

  • Review and redevelopment of program-level and course-level outcomes

  • Systematic approaches to outcomes-based curriculum development