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The effectiveness of institutional units and activities is critical to success. In a College this includes academic programs as well as administrative, student and academic support services.

Traditionally we lecture in the classroom and students work on exercises at home. This has never been a terribly satisfactory arrangement - the time students least need our expertise is when we are presenting to them and they need it most when they are struggling to work through problems and assignments.

Reaching out in voice and image: all organisations are alert to the changing nature of communication - for marketing and publicity, and for delivering aspects of core business

Planning for the future: Long-term, medium-term and short-term plans are vital components of institutional strategy.

Khozama consultants have a a lifetime of experience of designing and launching new academic programs - in many subject areas and understand the needs and constraints of the MENA region

Most countries in the MENA regions are embracing the outcomes-based approach to education wholeheartedly. This has often been driven by ministries of higher education and their higher-education commissions. Institutions have faced some difficulty in adapting to this approach and getting buy-in from faculty members.

Building academic, professional and leadership capacity. 

Sometimes an organisation or part of an organisation becomes dysfunctional - and it often quite hard to locate the source of the problem. It might involve resource issues - human, financial, physical, ... It might arise from faulty policies, procedures, or regulatory structures - or some combination of these.

Khozama has been working with universities in the UK and Saudi Arabia for five years on intelligent systems, with a special emphasis on developing and deploying technology in an educational setting.