Institutional Effectiveness ...

The effectiveness of institutional units and activities is critical to success. In a College this includes academic programs as well as administrative, student and academic support services.

Institutional effectiveness is also central to the external reviews that academic institutions either opt to undertake or which they are obliged to undertake by their Ministries of Higher Education.

Setting up, staffing, and operating an effective office for quality assurance and enhancement is a major challenge for organisations - especially in finding approaches to integrating program-level review with other aspects of quality. 

Khozama can provide training and development activities to prepare for and support the external review and to establish sound quality offices and systems for institutional research and effectiveness. 

Khozama has ten years of experience on both sides of the table. Hundreds of program and institutional reviews have been carried out for Ministries of Higher Education in the GCC - including the CAA in the UAE, the NCAAA in Saudi Arabia, the OAAA in Oman, and the NEQQAET in Bahrain. Khozama consultants have also experience with the leading business accreditation organisations and the engineering accreditation organisation (ABET) in the US.

The development of a high-quaity self-study or proposal is the key to institutional success when it comes to external review. We have the experience to help.


  • Training and guidance in the development of self-studies and proposals

  • Workshops, training and facilitated discussions (see video above)

  • Advice and guidance on quality management, assurance and enhancement