Partnership with Research Podcasts

Khozama is pleased to announce its partnership with Research Podcasts - a UK-based company that provides podcasting and consultancy services to the Higher Education and Third Sectors. 

Whether you want a regular podcast series or a one-off piece of audio to support an event or conference, radio-style interviews are a quick, easy and efficient way to communicate  to your target audiences.

The partnership would be interested in providing podcasting and communications services, across the entire MENA region.

Research Podcasts has a team of former BBC broadcasters, media trainers and communications professionals who have extensive experience of working with higher education institutions, academics, charities and think-tanks to communicate complex ideas in an accessible way.

Podcasting allows you to communicate with the people you want to reach in a timely, engaging and cost effective way. For your listeners, it's a convenient and interesting means of finding out what they need to know, when and where they want.

Read more about Research Podcasts here: