Workshop on Research Strategy

Building academic, professional and leadership capacity. 

This worship covers all aspects of the research mission within in the context of a higher education institution. Typical topics covered include top-down and bottom-up approaches, community engagement, research policies, research ethics, and the research/education nexus. The approach can be adapted for a mixed audience from several institutions, or a group of key staff from within a single institution. 

The next workshop on research will be offered as part of the CLICKS program of workshop and is planned for  1 - 3 March 2016. Contact CLICKS directly for more information and registration.

Typical Workshop Agenda 

Day One
Session 1 - Welcome, Introductions and Overview
Session 2 - Research Drivers
Session 3 - Research Leadership
Session 4 - Community Engagement

Day Two
Session 5 - Internationalization
Session 6 - Research/Education Nexus
Session 7 - Resourcing and Supporting Research
Session 8 - Reflection and Preparation

Day Three
Session 9 - Research Strategy Part 1
Session 10 - Research Strategy Part 2
Session 11 - Reflection and Evaluation

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