Partnership with Thoughtly

Khozama is pleased to announce its partnership with Thoughtly - an amazing company that builds natural language processing tools and products that reimagine how we discover, read, and experience written text. 

Thoughtly's product - Ellipse - produces a visual topography of a text, providing an intuitive and essential tool for today’s researchers, students and knowledge workers

Individuals can leverage Ellipse to quickly navigate thousands of resources at once.

Thoughtly has partnered with leading academic institutions to provide students and research teams machine learning tools to analyze, visualize and summarize large volumes of text in real time.

It’s one of the first machine learning platforms designed specifically to accelerate the pace of learning for researchers and students.

The partnership is interested in working with you to integrate the use of Ellipse in meaningful ways within your institution's teaching and learning strategy - based on the exploration of novel pedagogies - for the benefit of students and their teachers. Please get in contact to discuss this further with us.

Read more about Thoughtly here: